Hi, my name is Sofía Rubio, I am a 24 years old photographer and visual artist, based in Pastrana, Guadalajara. I have been working in photography for three years and in contact with the audiovisual world for five years. I have held exhibitions throughout the Spanish territory, and in Belgrade, Serbia.
.I travel around Spain and Europe looking for photographs to capture my vision of the world. I like to describe my photographs as images with soul, as I always seek to convey emotions with my work. I am always in continuous learning, training myself personally and professionally to always give the best of me.
I have worked for fashion shows, institutional events, historical reenactments, museums, hotels, and for the government of Castilla-La Mancha. But my favorite work is to portray weddings and artistic photography with unreal scenarios.

Premios y reconocimientos / Awards and accolades 
Una de los 300 mejores fotógrafos de boda a nivel internacional, IWPOTY / One of 300 best international wedding photographers, IWPOTY.
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